Shungite Pendent Only

Shungite Pendent Only

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Shugite is often referred to as a 'Power Healing Stone' or the 'Mirical Molecule' with the only known natural mineral to contain fluorine; which has the ability to reduce the concentration of free-radicals (the bad stuff). It has an incredible detoxification effect, offering protection against EMF's., relieves stress & anxiety, assists with insomnia 


It is also great on the body for your root chakra offering grounding properties, blance of ying & yang and releaving physical pain on the body.

Which is why we offer it in many different forms. including mobile phone stickers.



Please Note: You will receive one similar to the photograph. However, each crystal will vary slightly. 

All of our products are blessed and cleansed with the addedd intention that when the arrive in your hands, their properties are enhanced in the most optimum way.