Selenite Bowl ~ Small

Selenite Bowl ~ Small

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Selenite is a powerful crystal with properties of:

✨ Develops & Heals the Third eye & crown chakras.
✨ Increases Psychic Abilities.
✨ Cleanses Aura
✨ Cleanses other crystals around it.
✨ Absorbs negative energy around you.
✨ Placing it under your pillow can improve sleep challenges.
✨ It’s also known as a great healer for the baby in the womb 💕✨
✨ Provides Mental Clarity



This A grade selenite bowl will be a great place to put all your tumblestones and plamstones in, as selenite is known for it's ability to cleanse other cystals. You can place the bowl anywhere you feel will give and bring you the most amount of benefit, including leaving you with an empowering & elevating sensation. You can place the bowl in or near you whilst meditating to hold the space for you. Holding crystals of any kind and sizw also creates the connection to amplify your intentions✨


Please Note: You will receive one similar to the photograph. However, each crystal will vary slightly. 

All of our products are blessed and cleansed with the added intention that when the arrive in your hands, their properties are enhanced in the most optimum way.

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