Love & Abundance ~ Mini Home Kit

Love & Abundance ~ Mini Home Kit


Love and abundance is our birthright. To shift out of lack and fear, we need to cross the threshold that’s holding us back. 

This lovely set is designed to bring in and increase love and abundance in to your home or the home of the person you gift it to. 


✨ Mini Abalone Shell

✨ Pink Agate Slice
✨ Purple Agate Slice
✨ Rose Quartz
✨ Amethyst
✨ Sage bundle
✨ Cedar

Pink Agate Slice in known for being a power stone with properties of: Love, Protection, Neutralising Anger, Confidence, brings out depth of information/clarity, Calming and Passion. 

However, pink is known to be the colour of compassion. Placing this is your space/home increases the levels of compassion which ultimately amplifies love. 

Purple Agate Slice: in its nature it has properties of: Creativity, Strength, Positive energy, inner cleanliness, balance, meditation, vitality, relaxation and  tranquillity. 

However purple is known to be the colour of abundance, placing this in your space/home increases the flow of abundance into your space/home. 

Placing these two slates in opportunities sides of your space/home brings in a lovely balance. 

Rose Quartz: The crystal of unconditional and universal love. You can keep these in a set place, or use them during your days, or sleep with them at night to increase the love and abundance in all areas of your life. 

Amethyst: An all round must have crystal. It amplifies the 3rd Eye awakenings, grounding, calmness, stability, strength, clarity, assists in spiritual healing and spiritual journey and above all it is highly protective, which we feel is important in keeping and raising your space/home in love and abundance. 
Abalone Shell: this shell is approximately 4-5cm it’s a small shell, but stunning in its nature, none the less. Abalone amplifies the love, strength and beauty that we each embody; whilst amplifying the abundance of beauty created within the magnificence of this divine gift of the sea. It’s a great healer of grief, it is said that when we burn the herbs in this shell, it amplifies the herb properties. 

Sage bundle: Burning sage enables any unwanted and negative energies/entities out of the space/home being cleansed. It is a good practice to cleanse when you feel you need it most, but also to top up every few days as a way of increasing the energy of love to yourself and your home. 

Cedar: also aids with releasing unwanted energies, but is also used for protection. It invites the unwanted to leave, gently releasing them from their entanglements within that space. 
The smoke of burning cedar is said to attract the good spirits and eliminate negative energies.

Together, this combination of crystals and the smudge kit enables the clearing of anything that is holding you is lack & fear and replacing it with love and abundance.

We supply you with a pack of charcoals so that you can get a good number of cleanses out of your herbs. Additionally herbs can be purchased from us. 


We make these to order and we would like to remind you that the images are examples of what you will get, as each shell, crystal, fan &  herb is unique, they will not be the same as what is in the pictures. 

We hope you love them as much as we do in creating them. 
With unconditional love from our space to yours 🙏🏽💕✨